Textual Solutions

Text understanding solutions using the Cognitive Workbench

About 80% of life sciences data is stored in unstructured format like research reports, health records or images.

ExB Health textual solutions combine first class natural language processing tools that can handle over 38 languages and Cognitive Computing abilities that impress with highest accuracy.

All of ExB’s textual solutions are based on the Cognitive Workbench, a highly flexible modular platform that enables the user to combine different linguistic modules and thinkers. With its various output modules and appealing GUI even highly complex data analytics are done with ease.

Common applications in Healthcare

Healthcare providers, including hospitals, physician offices, laboratories

  • Medical decision making
  • Hospital patient flow and process

Pharma industry, including biotech and contract research organizations

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Intellectual Property strategy
  • Regulatory and Reimbursement strategy
  • Marketing and Sales efficiency


  • Disease management
  • Outcome and prevention program planning and tracking


  • Pathway research
  • Drug discovery

Medtech / Diagnostics industry

  • Product development
  • Product enhancement, e.g., data analysis for 3rd generation sequencing companies or add-on features for diagnostic machines/kit producers

Governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

  • Patient access
  • Healthcare policy – effectiveness analysis

Medical Publishers

  • Smart document handling and analysis solutions