About ExB Health

About ExB Health

ExB Health is a subsidiary of the ExB Labs GmbH, a Germany based technology and research company in the field of structured and unstructured big data, natural language processing, Cognitive Computing and deep learning. ExB Health draws on the lab’s mature developments and adapts them for the use in life science and healthcare. The knowledge discovery and decision support systems help pharma and healthcare industries to lower costs, speed up the drug-development cycle and improve patient outcomes.

ExB Health develops smart information technology that understands all kinds of information sources to facilitate the best possible decisions in healthcare and life sciences. ExB Health enables the access to enhanced quality and economic potentials by optimizing the handling of data and knowledge.


Partner & References

ExB’s activities are mainly conducted in national and international co-operations with industry, universities and other research institutes. This ensures that ExB develops and integrates ahead of time technology into ready to run productivity applications.

Team & Jobs

ExB Health draws on the experience of a seasoned management team and industries’ experts. Get more information about the management team here.

We’re always on the look for talented new team members who have a passion for technology and who are keen to help take our business to even greater heights. Working at ExB means to share our values of integrity, teamwork and continuous improvement. We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic, committed and ambitious people looking to join us. We’re in joyful anticipation for unsolicited application or your response to one of our open positions under http://www.exb.de/jobs/